Sunday, October 26, 2008


Deadgirl - USA
Exploring an abandoned sanatorium while ditching school, two high school burnouts discover a girl strapped to a gurney in a secluded chamber. Debut directors Gadi Harel and Marcel Sarmiento craft a new breed of teen angst drama set against a backdrop of humor black enough to make John Hughes retreat to a fetal state.

The acting kind of led to the 7.5 of 10 rating. But I couldn't do better, that is for sure.
There are really funny moments throughout the film and the actual DEADGIRL is fucking creepy looking. I can see this becoming a big cult success. It's well shot, well made and the storyline is twisted enough to really pull people in just to go see it for themselves. The ending was very predictable, so there is another reason for the decent rating and not a great one.

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