Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Vanguard

United Kingdom 2008

Set in the year 2015, this apocalyptic thriller finds rebels Max (Ray Bullock Jr.), Rachael (Emma Choy) and Zac (Steve Weston) caught in the midst of a raging war between the Biosyns -- a race of primitive people engineered by scientists -- and the all-powerful Corporation. With civilization on the verge of extinction, due to oil depletion, the trio sets out on a dangerous journey to locate and join a growing resistance movement.

Do not follow any negative reviews on this low budget indie feature shot on DV. The reviewers obviously had no idea what they were getting into before seeing this film and just thought the cover "looked cool". Expecting a super ceding zombie gory romp with one on-going plot of eating brains is definitely not what The Vanguard is trying to portray. In fact it's not "trying" it's very much succeeded in portraying the flaws of our species and our ignorance to the role nature plays in keeping our order in check. I really liked this film. It was modest, humble, low budgeted and surprisingly well acted. It's very serious. And it is a film that can be taken serious by a well rounded viewer. There are a decent amount of kills not over doing it and some very, very minor CGI effects. Bare minimum budget with a really misanthropic message that flips 180° to a substantial morale and prolific ending. A very subtle and fresh digital video feature that should not be over looked or passed aside due to a poor review by some one with little or no appreciation for good film making. B++

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