Monday, October 27, 2008

Nuit Noire

Museum entomologist Oscar (Fabrice Rodriguez) meticulously catalogs dead insects, all the while trying to make sense of his traumatic childhood in this surreal exploration of transformation from critically acclaimed Belgian filmmaker Olivier Smolders. Rich with intriguing images, the story follows Oscar's work, his therapy and his relationship with a dying African woman who mysteriously appears in his bed and undergoes a surprising metamorphosis.


If this is not an interpretive half art house film half noir love story, then I do not know what is or want to know. You cannot really, not like this film. It delivers a unique blend of mystery and inspiring visuals that choke your eyes. Watch it before 9 pm with a group of people or you will have sleepers. The plot is as it describes, very interesting... but there's no pace, it can be convoluted at times which with it's lack of pacing results in no character substance. Tons of nudity that is done tastefully, there are some sweet post-gore scenes that are really well executed as far as visual fx go. The end is very interpretive, love to hate this in a positive way.

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