Sunday, October 26, 2008


I'm really at odds with the film scene here in Ohio. It's nothing that is dramatic or personal. It is just an indirect dispersing of like minded film buffs
who are not aware of one another's existence.
There is a presence certainly of individuals who are active in the film industry with the Cleveland Film Society and it's organizers. Is it me or just by looking at who they are, based off conclusive internet documentation, are rich well off individuals only partial or in the complete dark of genre films from over seas. Sure there are some that may be aware if not all of them, but judging by the monotonous selections of the past Cleveland International Film Festivals they are not inclined to take that step beyond a small tiny handful of genre films to subtly throw into the mix of the line up. There are so many ground breaking genre based films sprouting up from Europe and Asia that it is a shame to see such a big roster of films at a renowned film festival fall completely threw the cracks, not making it into the CIFF line ups. Now it could be because they are too edgy or too offensive, etc. But I really think it's because there is a lack of daring and well resourced members of the Cleveland Film Society.
Do not get me wrong there have been a lot of great films at the CIFF but in tone, pace and diversity there just seems to be a robust aroma of monotony. Whether they be from any country there is just not an impressive array of diversity other than the fact there are a lot of different countries films are coming from. Some would argue it's because they are trying to get a lot of different countries into the fest giving all countries a representative film as an entry. With that the roster was really because of that particular country only having this one film that had enough power to be worthy of CIFF. That could be true but not in all case. In fact not in the majority of countries indefinitely. So pretty much since there is this monetary elitism segregation of this so called "FILM SCENE" in Cleveland which virtually does not exist,
I am starting something up myself. Starting at the very bottom and hoping to bring in a lot of people who can, will and shall trust my judgment on film. Quite snobby by perception of reading my blog, but if you ever met me, you would realize it's an open passion not elitism.
Let's see how this goes. One step at a time. I will be posting reviews up on this blog and filling people in on news of cinema from around the world including what the Cleveland Film Society is up to. Despite my aforementioned remarks, I am very grateful to the Cleveland Film Society for existing and bringing some sort of film scene to this dying city.

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