Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Burrowers

The Burrowers - USA
A cross-country manhunt searchers for an abducted woman and a marauding Indian tribe, but the real villains don't ride horses...they burrow from beneath the ground.

I did not realize the anticipation for this film until I was at a film festival for it's premier amongst all the discussion a lot of people were very hyped up on seeing this film. Being a stranger to JT Petty's work (Soft For Digging, S&Man, Mimic 3)
he also writes screenplays, (i.e. Batman Begins, Splinter Cell games, etc)
but despite not knowing his material first hand, I rather enjoyed the film.
It's a straight to video (surprising, on par with Hollywood) Lionsgate release, with some really cool, suspenseful western-horror gore. There is a lot of awesome dialog and the acting is SUPERB! There were a couple things I didn't like which kept me from loving it. The creatures looked like mini-Cloverfields and sounded like Predator... But the storyline, was awesome for many reasons in originality regardless of the tremors HOMAGE. Damn, I forgot how sweet the original Tremors was. I have to see that again soon. It's been over 12 years since I've seen it. Oh yeah, The Burrowers, really good! See it.

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