Monday, October 27, 2008

The Devil's Chair

After his girlfriend, Sammy (Polly Brown), dies during a drug-addled night in a deserted asylum, Nick (Andrew Howard) winds up in a mental hospital and accused of her murder. But years later, a skeptical doctor (David Gant) returns to the scene with Nick and some students to prove his innocence. Now Nick must face the demons responsible for Sammy's horrific death in the sinister torture chair they discovered that night.

I have been waiting for this to become available on DVD for some time. I was completely let down. Let's just get all the cons out of the way before I point out a few pros this film does have. Bad acting, horrible storyline, bad dialog and the twist was the biggest insulting no-brainer. It truly aggravated me that such an obvious idea, that can be easily presumed from the get go is then made a reality, with out giving anything away by explaining. IS A COMPLETE COP OUT. The creature effects were in all honestly a bit sluggish. The actual chair and it's effects were awesome. Doesn't make up for this stupid film. I utterly hated it.

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