Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hit Me

Sonny, a thirty-something bellhop, cares for his mentally retarded brother in their shabby apartment and makes ends meet by stealing goods from the hotel and by procuring sex for hotel guests. But when he hooks up with Del, things get interesting -- fast. Del proposes that Sonny steal money from the hotel safe intended as stakes for a poker game organized by a local crime boss. Better think twice!

Elias Kotea's best and worst is brought out in Steven Shainberg's flaw free genius debut feature, "Hit Me". Do I say "tour de force"? I do. A very well thought out crime thriller full of deception, criminal sadism, twists and turns that are realistic enough to be appreciated, believable and adored. A great overlooked film from one of my favorite directors that should be seen by all.

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