Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Tale of Two Sisters

South Korea 2003

Terrified sisters try to exorcise their home of two dark forces -- their evil stepmother and a vengeful entity -- in this ghostly tale. Hospitalized after their mother's death, young Su-mi (Im Su-jeong) and Su-yeon (Mun Geun-yeong) return home to find a nasty new stepmother (Yeom Jeong-ah). The girls suffer terrifying events, but their father doesn't care, even though evil lurks around every corner. Can the girls free their home from its demons?

This movie was good until the apparent twist came into the ever so obvious open. The camera work in this and the acting is at the top notch. But when the movie takes a turn to explain what is going on it fails miserably. Nothing spoils a film for me than an attempt at over accentuating a profound turn around. This film should have ended 5 times but lagged and dragged on way beyond the plot twist. On top of that the twist was stupid and nothing special. The camera work was so good though. I put this film off for a few years because it didn't look good to me. Then I saw The Good The Bad and the Weird and loved it, so I figured I would love this as well. Bad assumption on my part. No good.

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