Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saat Po Long

2005 Hong Kong

Diagnosed with a brain tumor, a police detective decides that after years of failure, he'll do anything it takes to put a notorious crime boss behind bars, even if it means breaking the law. Joined in his mission by Officer Ma Kwan (Donnie Yen), veteran cop Chan (Simon Yam) sets out to snare the gangster Po (Sammo Hung), leaving a trail of badly beaten henchmen along the way. Martial arts ace Yen also choreographed the explosive fight scenes.

Woah. This is where Donnie Yen should keep going. Major build up, really intense fight scenes as well as brutal. Plot is alright. Nothing exceptional. The way it's delivered and the development of the characters builds tension and sweat in the palms. Check this out! Sammo Hung is incredible. Also check out "Flash Point". Also with Donnie Yen. Save "Fatal Move" for last, it's stupid and almost exactly like SPL, but not very good.

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