Sunday, October 26, 2008


Astropia - Iceland
Hildur, a high-society socialite, is left bankrupt and alone after her corrupt husband is whisked off to prison. With no other prospects, she gets a job selling role-playing games and accessories at Astropia, the town's geek Meccas.

This film beat out Pirate of the Caribbean 2 in Iceland taking the number 1 box office spot for weeks. Best grossing film in Icelandic history. Not only that the film industry over there, yeah, they put out literally, not joking, 2 FILMS A YEAR?! Whhhhhhhaaaaaat?
I really did not like this film until they started talking about DVD's and movies. Only because I can't relate to L.A.R.P. ing. I've never been that nerdy. But people in the audience that were into LARPing wow, tons of laughter. The director kind of seemed pretentious, all in black, snazzy button long sleeve shirt with polish pointed dress shoes, slicked back hair, laptop that his eyes never left to converse. Maybe, his English wasn't confident? Anyway, this film has a lot of character development and is pretty funny once it grows on you. It's very nerdy on purpose.
Comic book lovers with ADORE this film.

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